About Us

The Bolsa Grande Orphan Assistance Fund Club (OAFC) is a school club started in Bolsa Grande High School, in 2020. The club is dedicated to helping orphans in third world countries, by raising funds for the larger organization (OAF), which reaches out to these orphans. Our activities include, but are not limited to, soliciting funds, participating in fundraisers, as well as directly reaching out to orphans when possibly. We are here in our school to get other students realize that the world isn't all perfect, there are places out there with terrible living conditions, especially for children. Places were children struggle to even find food, or water. In places like Bangui, Central African Republic, or Baghdad, Iraq. Although we understand that we can't reach out to every orphan out there, we'll definitely try to help as many as we can!

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The President

Hello, I’m Thomas To! I am a current junior, and I am currently active in a couple of other clubs besides OAFC. When I heard that someone my age had created a Non-profit organization dedicated to helping orphans, I was inspired to support his organization and create a branch of the club here at Bolsa! I hope that our branch will be able to involve members directly in ways that they can make a meaningful impact on these orphans lives, as well as help our the organization as much as I am able too!

The Secretary


I decided to be the secretary of OAFC-BGHS because I was interested in helping with a great cause.  I look forward to working with my friends and meeting new people this year.

The Treasurer  

The Public Chair

The Vice President